Friday, December 3, 2010

Another year has come and gone. I really need to be better about posting. A lot has happened this last year. It's hard to think back one whole year, so I'm sure I'll miss some of what has happened. I think the biggest event this last year was being sealed as a family in the Rexburg Temple in September. Porter was also baptized the same day. What an awesome day.
Summer seemed to fly by and the kids went back to school in August. Porter is in the 3rd grade, Addison in the 1st and Cache is in preschool. I can't believe they are this big. I'm feeling older all the time. Porter played flag football this fall and had a great season. His team took second in the "Super Bowl". They did great. Porter and Addy also started piano lessons this fall. They are doing well and had their first recital a couple of weeks ago.
The kids are so excited for Christmas and all that it brings with it. Porter keeps asking how many days left and sighs when I tell him there are more days than he wants it to be. I can remember the excitement of the gifts under the tree, the parties to go to, the caroling, playing in the snow and all the other Christmas time activities. There's nothing like being a kid at Christmas.
We hope your Holiday Season is wonderful and that Santa brings you everything you asked for!! Merry Christmas.

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