Monday, February 2, 2009

Semi-annual update

Mom and Gunner

Addie and her Gorgeous nails

Porter and his "lifesaver"

Well, it's time for the semi-annual update. I finally downloaded my camera from the holidays and thought I would post some of them. Time has flown by and Gunner will be the big 1 this coming Tuesday, February 5th. I can't believe my "baby" is already a year old. He's already a little "big" boy. He started walking about a month ago and the stairs are the next big milestone to pass. We're getting close on that one. Cache is working on potty training. I think this will be a slow process, unfortunately. Addie is busy with preschool and is working on her Valentines for the kids in her class. Porter is back to school after a much loved Christmas break and working hard at math and reading. In March his class is putting on a play call the Three Piggy Opera. He plays the part of the bricks peddler. We're looking forward to seeing him in his first play. This video is Cache's Christmas wish.