Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So, I'm trying to figure out the whole blogging thing. There's not a whole lot too exciting going in our crazy lives. Porter has been in soccer this last month and will be finishing the season next week. In August and September he will be doing flag football. That will be interesting, but fun. School will be starting the 20th of August. Porter will be in the 1st grade. I can't believe he is in school. Porter's birthday is on the 9th of August and will be 6 years old. He's excited for his birthday. Addison will be starting preschool this year. She is so excited. She loves to learn and be with other kids. I think she will love it. We went school shopping this last weekend in Park City and bought her some clothes for her to start school. She loves the attention and doing the girl stuff with mom and grandma. Cache is our entertainer and is always making us laugh. He has such a big personality. He has been a little accident prone lately to add to the silliness. It's a good thing kids heal so fast. Gunner is growing like a BIG weed. He's already 6 months old and he's huge. I swear he weighs 20 pounds already. Grandma Furness thinks he weighs more than Cache. I wouldn't be surprised. He loves to be held and smiles all the time. Especially when getting attention. He loves to eat and lets you know when it's time to fill the belly. He has been such a fun addition to the family.
This summer we have gone camping a few times and yard work the rest of the time. I think that has been about it. Where has the summer gone??