Saturday, September 20, 2008

It was time..

So I thought it was time to at least post something. This fall has been crazy. Once we finished with soccer, school started. Porter is in the first grade. His teacher is Mrs. Leonard. He now gets to get on the bus at home and eat school lunch. Yuck. :) He has also started flag football. And loves to make touchdowns. Porter also had his birthday the 9th of August. He turned six years old. Addie started preschool. She loves it and wishes it was everyday. Grandma helps out by taking our turn at carpooling and takes the kids in the "big RED bus", which is the old van. The kids love it. Cache is a normal two year old and into everything. He is his dad's sidekick. Anything dad likes, Cache likes. Gunner is a hefty 7 month old and learning to crawl. He can get around and into things now. We're going to have to get the gates to the stairs out pretty soon. I can't believe how fast he is growing. He's a happy kid and we are having to much fun with him. Hunting season is fast upon us, which means Josh will be gone most of October. He just went fishing to Montana last weekend and caught 27 fish. Luckily he didn't bring them home. What would I have done with that many fish? I'm still doing the same old thing. Work, kids, clean. But what else do you do? Life keeps us busy. Yesterday I went up to mom and dads to help can peaches. Addie, Gunner and I were there almost the whole day. Levi and Kasandra came a little later than us to help and we were able to do 70 quarts of peaches. It seems like a lot to me. It was fun though. Thanks to Heidi, who moved home last week, I didn't have to worry about Gunner for most of the day. Thanks Heidi. We are so excited to have her home. We hope she doesn't move too soon. The kids love seeing her.

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